Dear Mel Supporters,

As you know, I have officially started the $10.00 campaign to become your next social media outlet of choice. I have been fortunate to raise over $100.00 thus far, but the fight must continue before we reach our $700.00 goal!

I am committed to upholding the conservative beliefs that have shaped our nations path for success, despite the rabid character assassinations that we have often seen from the left side of the discussion. In short, it is time to raise a powerful conservative voice in social media, and with your help, I would like to be your voice against the liberal agenda!

By supporting "Mel's Hot Button Thoughts" through the $10.00 campaign, you can help directly with the following needs:

Website Maintenance: All the 'bells and whistles' to make it look good!

Video and Photo Quality: No more comments that my YouTube videos look like they "were made from a typewriter!"

Expanding the Product: Buying advertising space on Facebook and other social media sites

Showing that you believe in Mel: For years I have been pushed by you to start a site, and now is the time!

I assure you that 100% of any money raised will go towards the enhancement of making Mel's Hot Button Thoughts a successful conservative-based outlet for thoughts and opinions. After all, isn't it time for such a source of truth to exist?

"I am Mel, and I approve this message!"